Learn with one to one maths tuition at home.

I use an online collaborative whiteboard called BitPaper for one to one maths tuition, which is free for students, along with Skype for audio.

One to one maths tuition using BitPaper.

Not limited to 'local' maths tutors

With one to one maths tuition online, you get to work with experienced and qualified tutors like myself, who meet all your requirements instead of having to choose whoever is available locally.

Online maths tuition is flexible and safe

Flexibility. With online maths tuition, there's more flexibility in scheduling your sessions at a time that suits you. Plus, with it being covid secure, there's no need for social distancing or PPE.

Lessons can be repeated and saved

Having bespoke one to one maths tuition with me means that lessons can be saved and reviewed at any time. This is great for revision and to recap previous content that may have been forgotten!

Parents can see and monitor

Parents can easily monitor what is being taught (and how) which gives peace of mind that your money is being well spent, and that your child is progressing with their online maths lessons.

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How online one to one maths tuition works

I use an online collaborative whiteboard platform called BitPaper which allows myself and students to see, hear and write simultaneously in real time. No software is required as BitPaper works direct from an internet browser, and is free for students. For audio I use Skype, which is also free. Each whiteboard has a unique and permanent URL that is automatically saved so that work is never lost.

It is easy to write smoothly, especially if used with an electronic pen, so that writing is clear and legible online. Students can drag-and-drop classwork problems, pictures or PDF documents directly onto the screen so that we can worked on them together.

Maths calculation during one to one maths tuition with a tutor.

A large part of my maths tuition involves working through past examination papers, and so these are often uploaded and used as lesson material.

Once a tuition session is finished, students are able to convert whiteboard pages to a PDF file, and then save to their device or print off if preferred. The is perfect revision for tests and exams.

Student's online working during one to one maths tuition.

Equipment needed for one to one maths tuition

My online tutorials do not require state of the art software or huge expense. A computer, laptop or even a tablet can all be used successfully. Unfortunately, smartphones are too small to be effective. Headphones with a built in microphone are required, unless speaker and a mic are already part of your computer, laptop or tablet.


For writing, I recommend an graphics tablet, but it isn't absolutely essential as it's still possible to write with a mouse.  The one that I would recommend is the Wacom 'One By Wacom' which is what I currently use. They are relatively inexpensive and enable both myself and students to write clearly and quickly. If using a tablet with a stylus pen (such as Microsoft Surface or ipad Pro) then they can be used instead.

A webcam isn't essential as only audio and whiteboard are needed, but one can be used if preferred.

Graphic Designing

A good stable broadband connection is also required, so if using wifi, a room close to the modem will help avoid any drop-outs.

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