With one to one maths tuition online, pupils can learn from their own home.

I use an online collaborative whiteboard called BitPaper, which is free for students, along with Skype for audio.

One to one maths tuition using BitPaper.

Not limited to 'local' tutors

With one to one maths tuition online, you get to work with experienced and qualified tutors like myself, who meet all your requirements instead of having to choose whoever is available locally.

Online is flexible and safe

Flexibility. With online maths tuition, there's more flexibility in scheduling your sessions at a time that suits you. Plus, with it being covid secure, there's no need for social distancing or PPE.

Lessons can be repeated and saved

Having bespoke one to one maths tuition with me means that lessons can be saved and reviewed at any time. This is great for revision and to recap previous content that may have been forgotten!

Parents can see and monitor

Parents can easily monitor what is being taught, which gives peace of mind that your money is being well spent and your child is progressing with their online maths lessons.

Student's online working during one to one maths tuition.

Students can drag and drop images of classwork and pdfs directly onto the screen.

No need to download any software. Works direct from an internet browser.

Unique and permanent URL that is automatically saved so that work is never lost.

Maths calculation during one to one maths tuition with a tutor.

Convert lessons to pdf to save or print off. The is perfect revision for tests and exams.

Easy to write smoothly, so that writing is clear and legible online. 

Collaborate simultaneously so that students' work can be corrected in real time.

Ready to help your child reach their mathematical potential?