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One to one online maths tutoring for KS3, GCSE & A Level

GCSE student having tuition with an online maths tutor.

KS3 Maths - £40 p/h

Key Stage 3 (KS3) maths is taught during years 7 to 9. During this stage students develop fluency, reason mathematically, and really start to solve problems. KS3 maths tuition during these years helps build the confidence needed to progress throughout secondary education to GCSE (Key Stage 4). 

Further Maths - £45 p/h

Further GCSE Maths is designed to challenge high performing candidates likely to study maths at A Level. It assesses mathematical rigour and problem solving skills needed for further study. Online maths tutoring at this level helps those struggling with the more demanding content, and ensures they are fully prepared for their exams.

GCSE Maths - £40 p/h

GCSE maths is taught during years 10 to 11 and is a compulsory subject for all students. Whether the ambition is to move up a set, work towards a pass at grade 4/5 or secure a top grade to study A Level maths, a GCSE online maths tutor can help your child to build confidence and reach their goals. 

A Level Maths - £50 p/h

There is a big jump in academic rigour from GCSE to A Level maths. Students are expected to understand the material in much greater depth, and having A Level online maths tutoring can help students fully prepare for examinations, often prior to studying a STEM university course, or entering the jobs market.

The transition from GCSE to A Level maths is very challenging if students are not fluent in certain core skills. The drop-out rate for year 12 maths students are among the highest of the A Level subjects, and one reason is candidates falling behind due to new topics being reliant upon mastery of fundamental mathematical skills.


Prior to embarking on an A Level course, students should make sure that they are confident in the bridging material that is often given out prior to starting their course. In particular, sound knowledge of surds, indices, algebra, coordinate geometry and trigonometry is a must. Having online maths tutoring to revise this material is the best possible preparation for students in advance of starting their course.

In addition, for those that have not taken Further GCSE maths (or Additional maths) at their school, bridging the gap between GCSE and A Level is also important, and so I introduce topics such as calculus (differentiation and integration), logarithms and further trigonometry to ensure students have a head start before these advanced topics are introduced in their A Level course.

Summer A Level Bridging - £45 p/h

Student having one on one online maths tutoring with an A level maths tutor.

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