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Girl having a one to one online mats tutorial with the online maths tutor.
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About Me

Hi, I'm Carl Evans - The Online Maths Tutor.  For over a decade I've been providing friendly and enthusiastic online maths tuition for Key Stage 3, GCSE, Further GCSE and A Level maths.

Over the years I've perfected my approach by identifying common pitfalls, building confidence and preparing students for classroom tests and final exams.

Whether the goal is to move up a set, increase confidence, sit higher exam papers, obtain a solid pass or achieve a top grade to study a STEM subject at university, I can help.​

Carl Evans the online maths tutor.

Demanding Curriculum

In 2015, the UK government made major changes to both GCSE and A Level maths exams in England, making them more demanding and increasing content to include more emphasis on problem solving and mathematical reasoning.

Whilst this can be positive for high achieving students wanting to demonstrate their skills, some students who find maths a challenge have been negatively impacted.

1-1 tutorials with an online maths tutor can significantly help those who struggle, because each lesson is tailored to the individual needs of the student in a relaxed, low-pressure environment where it is 'safe' to make mistakes. 

Student having a tutorial with an online maths tutor.

Collaborative & Convenient

I use an online collaborative whiteboard called BitPaper, which is free for students, along with Skype for audio. BitPaper works seamlessly across desktops, laptops and even tablets. Students can drag and drop images and PDF documents directly onto the screen and export lessons with ease. 

With this latest technology and fast broadband, there is now little difference between a face-to-face or an online maths tutor.

Supportive & Focused

Supportive & Focussed

My approach is to first build confidence by introducing mathematical concepts from first principles, rather than assuming previous knowledge, and to identify any gaps or weaknesses. As maths builds upon previous foundational topics, this is very important, and is addressed in the initial online maths tuition sessions.

I then mirror the topics students are currently studying at school or college to help reinforce their classroom learning and work through past examination papers throughout the academic year.

Student listening to an online maths tutor.

What people are saying...

Student having a GCSE maths lesson with a maths tutor online.

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